Want to know your partner's favorite view during sex?

Would you like your partner to understand what they can do during the day to get you into the mood at night? (hint: it's the dishes!)

These questions have been tailor-made for you to make new sexual discoveries about yourself and your partner.

Buckle up!  Your next-level-sex is on the other side of this conversation!
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I recommend going through the questions slowly and really get to know your partner's answer. If you don't know an answer, that's okay! It just means you have some fun sexual exploring homework to do to figure it out. This is also perfect for date night or a weekend getaway. I'm absolutely positive you will learn something new and exciting about your partner!
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Dr. Celeste Holbrook is a sexologist, speaker and author who has dedicated her life to helping women achieve soul-centered sex through perfectly planned mental and behavioral changes. 

She inspires women to move through mental blocks surrounding their intimate lives to truly experience the sex that was spiritually designed for her. 

Hundreds of women have dramatically changed their relationships by following the sexual and spiritual strategies that Dr. Holbrook has created and tailored specifically for them. 

Her favorite moment is the spark that appears in a woman’s eyes the instant her sensual confidence is re-awakened. 
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