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Elevate: Overcoming Sexual Barriers
You are a perfect fit for this course if:

– You have ever tried to fake being asleep to get out of having sex.
– You have ever had a disagreement or argument with your partner about the lack of sex in your relationship.
– You feel mental blocks surrounding intimacy and you are unsure if you are worth or even able to have great sex.
– You are uncertain of the connection between spirituality and sexuality
-You are interested in reclaiming your sexual power
– You experience pain during intercourse sometimes or every time
– You wish you wanted to have more sex, but you usually just don’t feel like it because you are TIRED.
– You have a hard time being in the moment during sex and you often find yourself thinking about other things. (i.e. “Should I paint our bedroom blue?”)
-You experience shame or feel like sex is “dirty”
– You know that your sex life could be better but you aren’t ready to invest in a sex therapist.
– You want to find more meaning and fulfillment in your sex life. You want to use it as a connective part of your relationship, not just a responsibility to your relationship.

If you identify with any of these statements, than Elevate is your answer. 
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